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3D Printing Saves the Day in Darwin

3D Printing Saves the Day in Darwin

3D printing is quickly becoming a viable solution for replacing custom, or hard to find, components in industries across the board. There's so many uses for 3D printing technology, and recently we helped a customer with a truely Territorian need.

In the hot Darwin weather, there's nothing more distressing than having the bung in your esky fall apart - rendering the entire esky useless. With esky models changing almost annually, long with custom bung shapes and sizes for each new model, it's not uncommon to find yourself unable to replace a damaged bung on an older (yet perfectly good) esky.

3D Printing Saves the Day in Darwin

Recently, a local Darwin man visited the Fuji Xerox Business Centre NT as a last resort to fix his esky. The bung was damaged, and he'd been unable to find a suitable replacement. On the verge of throwing the whole unit out, it occurred to him that 3D printing might be the solution.

With our 3D printing solutions, we were able to design and fabricate a 3D printed replacement for his esky. Day saved!

Need 3D printing?

If you have a part that you are struggling to find, simply come by our office and we can create it using 3D print

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